5 good retirement destinations overseas

     Retiring abroad can be an exciting and wonderful experience for many seniors. However, it is important to choose your destination right if you want to avoid problems. You should consider aspects like the weather, house pricing, health care costs, everyday expenses, languages and documents you need to have. In this article we will share a list of 5 good retirement destinations overseas based on the aspects mentioned.

  1. Portugal

     Portugal is widely known as a “retirement heaven” in Europe, because of the countless good points it has.

First, public health care in Portugal is really good and it is available for legal foreign residents. Of course there will always bureaucratic red tapes, but you can be sure that in case of an emergency you can count with their health care, something really important as a senior.

Then we have the cost of living, which is lower than in most cities of the U.S, and low criminal rates, making it one of the safest countries in the world. You can also find some affordable residency options in Portugal.

If we talk about entertainment, you will never get bored in Portugal. Countless events and festivals are held every year. They have a good number of museums, theaters, restaurants, parks and clubs. They also have a warm weather thanks to their location, so you will always be able to go to the beach if you want.

Recommended places to retire in Portugal are Lisbon and Algarve.

  1. France

     Although there could some downsides if you decide to retire to France, there are plenty of good aspects. For instance, Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 are not available to you.

We are going to start again with the public health care system. France’s health care has one the best systems of the world. It is available for retirees who receive benefits from another country and they do not consider pre-existing conditions when you join it. Accidents and emergencies are free and they usually have reimburses for the rest.

Then we have the rich culture and excellent infrastructure. Frances has multiple options of recreation: historical places, museums, art expositions, concerts, festivals, and so on. They also have a great transportation system, so having a car is not necessary.

Recommended places to retire in France are Paris, Pau and Saint-Chinian.

  1. Panama

     Panama is a good retirement destinations overseas for reasons that are different from the countries above.

Obtaining a residency visa in panama is easier than in most countries and retirees don’t have to pay income taxes on their earnings overseas.

Cost of life in Panama is usually affordable, especially if don’t live in the capital. They have a rich culture you can enjoy and their health care system has a good reputation for being affordable.

Recommended places to retire in Panama are Panama City and El Valle.

  1. Belize

     Belize is a good retirement destinations overseas if you are looking for a country in which English is the official language and most citizens are bilingual.

In Belize is easy to get residency, thanks to their Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) visa. It has good benefits and easy-to-meet requirements.

Belize has a warm weather and spectacular landscapes, which make it a paradise to live in.

Recommended places to retire in Belize are Ambergris Caye and Cayo.

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia is a really affordable place to retire, probably the cheapest in this list, especially when you compare quality vs. quantity. The prices of healthcare, houses and rents, and food are significantly low when compared to the U.S.

Crime rates in Malaysia are very low, so you will be safe living in Malaysia.

When it comes to recreation, Malaysia has hundreds of islands, so you can spend your days in the beach snorkeling, diving and boating.

Recommended places to retire in Malaysia are Kota Kinabalu and George Town.