How to Stay Young and Postpone Aging

All of us want to stay young. We do not want wrinkles to appear on our skin. But nature will chase us and we are bound to become old. While it is inevitable to become old, it is in our hands to postpone aging. Let us ask ourselves a simple question. When are we considered old? Is that someone should look at us that way or we should feel that way? Is the age of 40 or 50 or 60 considered old? We may appear old with wrinkles in our skin but if we are young at heart, are we old?

All of us are conscious to stay young, not for us alone but for the world at large Рthis fact every one of us should agree. In a nutshell, when others perceive us as old and we also feel that we are old, then we are old. Otherwise, we are young. Again, wrinkles do not appear all of a sudden and overnight we do not become old. In fact, it is impossible to make out when we had landed in such a precarious situation! Can anyone define that moment when the night takes over the day? This way we all become old where we cannot define that moment. Aging is a process that happens unconsciously over a period of time. Now we have nailed down few important aspects of aging.

(1) So long as we look and feel young and the same is perceived by others, we stay young.

(2) Aging is a process that happens unconsciously over a period of time.

(3) We should be conscious to take preventive measures at the appropriate time and not wait till we realize the symptoms like wrinkles etc., in our skin. If we recognize the above three, we have solved 50% of our problem and started to postpone the process of aging. The turn now comes to act upon them. There are only two ways to delay the process of aging. One is taking care of our health with medicare supplement plans 2019. The other is to take care of ourselves when we are young.

Our external appearance is the reflection of our overall health. Since we discuss here the appearance of our body, especially the tone and texture of our skin, obviously we should consider few important external applications. But this is only a part of the approach. Unless this is supplemented by oral intake, the full benefit is not derived. This is popularly known as ‘inside out’ and ‘outside in’ holistic approach to health. Also, it will lead to a healthy mind. This guarantees for a long-lasting impact by slowing down the process of aging.