Secrets You Should Know About Medicare Supplemental Plans

Most of the medical insurances only cover for the essential medical services that include physician services, durable medical equipment, laboratory charges, ambulance services, home health services, etcetera.  They do not cover for coinsurance and other deductibles.  Medicare supplemental plans are particularly useful to cover for your deductibles and copayments. Consider these plans to pay for those payments that your original Medicare might not cover for.

Eligible Providers Approved By the State

When your health coverage, whether provided by a Medicare Managed Care plan, Employer Group Health Plan or any other plan terminates for any reason whatsoever, you can buy any of these supplemental plansHowever, you need to ensure that you buy these plans from eligible providers approved by the state in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations. You can also buy these plans when your other plans are still active.

Compare Shop your Plans

Most of these plans are labelled anywhere from A through L and each type of plan come with different patterns of coverages.  You can thus compare the plans. For the most part there are 12 standardized plans.  You might want to think through what you are looking for in terms of preventive screening expenditures, extended care at hospitals, emergency medical coverage etcetera.

Retain on Renewal

Some benefits cease on renewal for reasons related to over usage or for any other policy reasons that the insurance company does not choose to entertain.  You might want to learn the benefits that you will retain when you renew. This will help you to choose any other policy that will provide you with an equivalent value that you might be actually looking for. This will help you to decide if you want to replace or renew the already existing policy. Visit to learn more.

Individual Plan Changes

When the policy plan changes, you need to understand what has changed, what is continuing, and what is discontinued.  Understand the core benefits covered under the plan change.  Also look for policy changes that might have removed some service that you actually signed the policy for.

When you enroll for a Medigap plan you need to choose one that suits your customized requirements. Think through options of the aggregate benefits you get for the aggregate premiums that you are going to pay. You need to be clear of your needs like at-home recovery benefits, higher cost-sharing, low premiums, preventive services and a range of other essential medical costs that are mostly not covered by regular insurance plans.

Every year, the number of people who are applying for the Medigap plans double the previous year’s number. The reason is that the price of things including medical treatments is increasing. Sometimes, we need to save for the rainy day and this is the reason why we advise that people make use of medical insurances to stay afloat. The government has made it easier by standardizing the procedure of these Medigap plans for you.


Top Medicare Supplemental Plan Choices

Choosing the ideal Medicare Supplemental plans for seniors throughout the country most times poses to be difficult. With the insurance firms offering mouth watering  offers, we often  find it so hard to choose a policy  that is best for us. Starting from the scratch, Medicare made available the right choice for everyone by formulating the Medigap insurance plan. Therefore, the Medigap plan gives exactly identical coverage and advantages no matter the company that is offering the plans. In other words, all the insurance companies give the same plan but the difference can be spotted at their charges or prices.



Letters are used to represent the 10 different medicare plans ranging from plan A through Plan N. There is no special reason to why these plans are given the letter system but, just to make comparison of identical plans different Medigaps insurance companies. Here are  listed the various Medicare plans that have been provided in the market today. In case of being overwhelmed by the various plan options , this would give  you the best idea on which plan you should opt for. There are plans out of the 10 plans that are very similar but it is wiser to go for plans that have vast difference and still has a great deal of insurance.

You should compare Medicare supplement plans before purchasing one. Find the plan that fits your needs best with the greatest benefits at the lowest cost.

Medicare Supplement Plan F: Plan F is one of the most recommended plans throughout the nation. It goes a great deal in covering the main gaps which were left by the Medicare. It gives the convenience of enjoying coverage with no extra charges.

Supplement Plan G: This plan has gone a long way in winning the hearts of older citizens. With comparison to Plan F, they are alike except that Plan F asks for the yearly Medicare Part B. Plan G is generally advantageous because it does not involve so much expenses  like Plan F. Simply put, it is cheaper than Plan F.


Medicare Supplement Plan N: The number 3 in line is Plan N and its is the heart throb of older citizens who are insured on Medicare. Plan N is cheap but unfortunately offers less coverage compared to other plans mentioned above. Except that the patient is admitted into the hospital, the Plan N policy holders would pay for doctor’s office visit and emergency room visits. Like Plan G, Plan N holders pay the yearly Medicare part B

In all, plan F, G and N are the most used plans which are equally out in the market today. It is known that with the poor economy state, people are in search of the policy that would offer a great deal of coverage and still be available at low prices this makes plan G the recommended plan.

Contracting an independent insurance broker is one of the wisest steps an individual who is interested in checking rates for Medicare Supplement Insurance would take because these insurance brokers bring you plans from different companies available around you.


Medicare Supplement Plans, ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’ what is it?

Are you aware of the Medicare Supplement Plans enrolment period, what are the advantages and how you can get that you want without restrictions or limitations?


Most states in the United States have Open enrollment period at specific times.  This is a period that starts from the month and day you are 65 and is a 6 month period, but you must have been Part B Medicare enrolled.


If you have lost the health plan employee sponsored in the recent 6 months or your health insurance was concluded and now you are 65 or older, it means the insurance company may not consider any of these owing to your health issues:


  • Refuse to sell Medigap policy
  • Charge you high for a Medigap policy than others having no health issues
  • Make you wait to start the coverage


If you are over 65 years and now even the open enrollment period is not applicable does not block you entirely. You can apply for Medicare Supplement Plans, but after answering to some questions to be accepted.


Pre-Existing Conditions

The insurance company is not permitted to keep you waiting to start for coverage in case you are qualified for the guaranteed acceptance, but it has the right to keep you waiting for pre-existing related condition coverage.


A pre-existing condition refers to health problem that you already have prior to the new insurance policy starting date.


At certain times, the insurance company offering Medigap plans can refuse to cover the costs of out-of-pocket for the pre-existing health issues for a period up to 6 months. This is referred as ‘pre-existing condition waiting period’. However, the Medigap policy after 6 months will cover your condition of pre-existing.


Pre-existing condition coverage in Medicare Supplement Plans can be excluded if the condition was diagnosed or treated in the 6 months period, prior to the date of the waiting period existing condition. If so, the excluded cover will be covered by the Medigap policy.


Bear in mind, Original Medicare will be covering the condition, in case the Medigap policy does not cover the costs of out of pocket, but in that event, you become responsible for the copayment or coinsurance of the Medicare.


Medicare Part A and B, with Medicare supplement plans will cover all or most of your medical costs except the prescription drugs. So, buy Medicare supplement Plans policy to enroll in Medicare Part D, a Prescription Drug Plan.


Medicare Supplement Plans eligibility and Marital status, how does it work?

Do you wish to enjoy personal benefits; if so yes, getting married offers you advantages like all other things such as home ownership and car insurance.  However, with Medicare Coverage and health insurance you must know the impact, your eligibility with your marital status to enjoy health care benefits.


Does Medicare eligibility affect on getting married?

Actually No, marriage has nothing to affect Medicare Supplement Plans eligibility or to hinder Social Security benefits. People who paid for Medicare system of 40 credits or 10 years as employment part are eligible to get the benefits in full on and after 65.


Part A Medicare does not ask you any premium. It is free for all the eligible U.S seniors’ resident or citizen, despite the marital status.


If you lack the credits required to qualify for Medicare Supplement Plans eligibility, there is one option. It is you are qualified under the Medicare plan of your spouse’s for Part A if she is 62 and older with 40 work credits. The eligibility depends on the place you reside, so you may check. Here are some pointers of eligibility:


  • If you live in the same state as married you are Part A eligible
  • If you live in the District of Columbia or another state and are same-sex married to be considered legal you are eligible
  • If the laws of the state or other foreign country recognizes , you are eligible
  • If your spouse is employed with the federal government or with the Defense Department of the U.S in a military or civilian job.


The Supreme Court does not permit states to accept same-sex marriages that were performed in other states and this means the Medicare Supplements Plans eligibility of the spouse may stand refused based on the place you live. In case a spouse does not qualify for Part A Medicare, that is the free part covering visits to the hospital, they need to buy the coverage by paying a monthly premium.


Medicare while married

Already married and both have reached the eligibility age of Medicare; if yes, you both should have your own plan, so enroll separately.


The best Medicare Supplement plans have no special rates and the premium prices even for married couples are based on the earned total income between both. Part A Medicare does not cost to get enrolled to be eligible, but Part B is based on income as it covers medical equipment, doctor services and outpatient care. This means the more you earn, the more you pay to enjoy the Part B benefits.